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Pakistan Journal of Neurological Surgery is published by the Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons (PSN), Department of Neurosurgery, Punjab Institute of Neurosciences (PINS), Lahore, Pakistan It is a multidisciplinary, double-blinded peer-reviewed, and open-access journal, published in both printed and online versions. The journal is published quarterly. 

Scientists, researchers, academic professionals, and scholars are invited to submit their research papers, case reports, and reviews in PJNS. The first issue of the journal was published in  July 1998. The archives are currently available since 2004. 

Any individual can freely download an unlimited e-print of full text and share the article without any restriction

Journal archives: (https://pakjns.org/index.php/pjns/issue/archive)

Journal Email: admin@pakjns.org

Publisher link: (http://www.paksn.org/pjns/)

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