Effect of Age, Gender, and Trauma-Type in Distribution of Pediatric Spine Fractures


  • Saad Sultan frontier medical & dental college
  • Amer Zaman frontier medical & dental college
  • Junaid Alam Department of Neurosurgery, Ayub Medical College and Hospital, Abbottabad
  • Ibrahim frontier medical & dental college
  • Baynazir Khan Ayub medical college abbottabad
  • Fizza Gul Ayub medical college abbottabad




C – Spine injuries, Pediatric age groups, Cervical Spinal Trauma,, Pediatric Trauma


Objective:  The study focused on evaluating the effect of Age, Gender, and Trauma-type in the distribution of pediatric spine fractures.

Material and Methods:  All pediatric patients admitted to the Neurosurgery department over 5 years were retrospectively analyzed. Patients were divided into three groups. Levels of vertebral fractures were tabulated. Correlations with age, gender, and trauma type were then established.

Results:  Of the 2956 pediatric patients, 38 had vertebral fractures. The mean age of patients was 11.7 years. Of these, 17 were male and 18 were female. By trauma type, 28 patients had fallen and 10 had road traffic accidents. There was a significant association between trauma types in the distribution of vertebral fractures in pediatric trauma patients.

Conclusion:  The upper cervical spine should be carefully evaluated in all pediatric patients, especially those who had fallen as trauma-type. Careful screening of the thoracic spine is required in car accidents. Gender and age do not specifically contribute to the distribution of pediatric vertebral fractures.

Author Biographies

Amer Zaman, frontier medical & dental college

AMER ZAMAN has done the data collection and helped in the data analysis .he has palyed key role in writing the discussion and proofreading

Baynazir Khan, Ayub medical college abbottabad

remained mentor and helped in literature review data collection and analysis

Fizza Gul, Ayub medical college abbottabad

helped in data collection. scruitny of the documents, data analysis and proofreading


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