Sub Temporal Trans Tentorial Approach in Excision of Mid Brain Tumor: A Case Report


  • Mumtaz Ali
  • Ramzan Hussain
  • Akram Ullah
  • Sajid Khan
  • Arif Hussain
  • Muhammad Zubair



This case report presents a rare case of a 28-year-old male diagnosed with mid-brain glioma and managed through sub temporal trans-tentorial approach. She was presented to the Neurosurgery department with clinical features suggestive of raised intracranial pressure such as nausea, vomiting, diplopia, and headache from the past 2 months. The patient had a history of undergoing ventriculoperitoneal shunt two years back. The examination findings revealed that the patient had bilateral ptosis with the inability to open their eyes. He was bedbound. When examined in standing the patient demonstrated symptoms of instability when moving the limbs and loss of balance. MRI brain confirmed the diagnosis of mid-brain glioma. Right Sub temporal trans-tentorial approach was performed to excise the mid-brain glioma. Mid-brain gliomas although rare, are brainstem tumors that can present in adults with symptoms of increased intracranial pressure, the management of which can be done through radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgical resection, or a combination. Focal and low-grade glioma can be successfully resected through the Sub temporal trans-tentorial approach with improved clinical outcomes.


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