Outcome of Dual Stability and Decompression through Single Posterior Approach in Tuberculosis of Dorsolumbar Spine


  • Waqar Ahmed
  • Khizer Ghalib
  • Adeel Hamid
  • Muhammad Shakeel
  • Muhammad Qasim
  • Muhammad Khalid Syed et al.




Dual stability, decompression, Frankel neurological grading


Objective:  To evaluate the outcome of dual stability and decompression through a single posterior approach in patients with tuberculosis of the dorsolumbar spine in terms of Oswestry Disability Index and Frankel Neurological Grading.

Material and Methods:  It was a prospective cohort study involving 34 patients with tuberculosis of the dorsolumbar spine who underwent dual stability and decompression through a single posterior approach. Follow-ups were done at 2nd, 6th, 12th and 16th weeks. The outcome was assessed using the Oswestry Disability Index and Frankel Neurological Grading.

Results:  In 34 patients, the mean age was 36.59±13.51 years. There were 20 (58.8%) males and 14 (41.2%) females. There were 9 (26.5%) patients who had dorsal spine tuberculosis, while lumbar spine TB and dorso-lumbar spine TB were diagnosed in 13 (38.2%) and 12 (35.3%) patients respectively. The mean surgery time was 4.20±0.66 hours. According to the Oswestry Disability Index, before surgery, 2 (5.9%) patients had minimal disability while after 16 weeks of follow-ups, these numbers increased to 23 (67.7%) showing statistically significant improvements. According to Frankel Neurological Grading, before surgery, 3 (8.8%) patients had normal function while after 20 weeks of follow-up following surgery, 20 (58.9%) had normal functions.

Conclusion:  Dual stability and decompression through a single posterior approach were found to have good functional and fusion outcomes according to the Oswestry Disability Index and Frankel Neurological grading.


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